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SATURDAY 13th May 2PM - 4PM - £30/£25

This workshop will take place @ Triyoga Chelsea & online using ZOOM 

This workshop focuses on muscular trigger point fascial release giving the protective network of connective tissue that surrounds every muscle in the body a well earned massage.

Self myofascial release techniques are designed to enable and encourage inhibited tissue, or restrictions within our body to let go. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on our mobility and our nervous system including our brain and the spinal cord.

Equipped with two tennis balls and incorporating the Restorative elements of Yoga and a simple breath based mindfulness, Brodie will teach you the tools you can use anywhere to help you unwind and release Tension, Stress and Anxiety. You will experience profound freedom in your body as well as increased ease in your everyday life or your asana or exercise practice.

This is an all level workshop geared towards anyone wanting to move, walk, think, exercise and sleep more easily.

If you have a body, it will be happier after this Myofascial Release Workshop.



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