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Awaken your MIND

Engage your BODY

Liven your SPIRIT


To honour and empower your journey towards personal growth and well -being.
No matter your age or fitness level, I aim to inspire ease, confidence and a sense of achievement and possibility that lasts long after you roll up your mat.
Learn the tools to transform not only the way you look, but how you think and feel.
And as you start building strength of Body and Mind, you’ll learn to trust that voice within - your True Spirit, and start living the Life you deserve.

Discover the magic of YOGA!
Discover the True You!



Mindfulness & Meditation

Yoga - what i offer




" Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know "

How did I get into Yoga?

Well it’s more that Yoga got into me. Yoga was part of our daily curriculum at Drama School. As an Actor it helps enormously to achieve breath control, flexibility, stamina, and keeping the mind and body calm, focused and stress free - Key Tools required to be “ in the present moment " and give a great performance. Key Tools, as I discovered, for Life’s great performance.

And so the union was formed.

Furthermore, it was continual encouragement and requests to teach friends and colleagues that inspired me to pursue this path.

How has Yoga changed me?

I'm Happier!! I'm Focused!! and I'm Calmer when under pressure. Because apart from physically toning and strengthening my muscles and giving me greater mobility as I ascend the ladder of age, Yoga has taken my mind on a journey. A journey of Self discovery and Acceptance. Acceptance of who I am and what I'm about. An acceptance of others and their Journey. It's given me balance, purpose and understanding and I think that's important to live a full and happy life.
Besides, I've made some wonderful friends in the Yoga community who continue to inspire me to make the most of who I am and what this world has to offer. That's a change I'll make any day!!


What is my approach to teaching?

I like to awaken your MIND, engage your BODY, and liven your SPIRIT.

Working to build strength in all its forms through a thoughtful and creative flow of calm focused energy while encouraging and developing a mind-body-breath connection. The aim is to inspire ease, understanding, confidence and possibility to empower your own sense of achievement & potential that lasts long after you roll up your mat


What advice would I give to people who are considering taking up Yoga?

Always try something twice - just to make sure!.

As one of my Life motto’s, I apply this to everything . . . yes, everything!

Make a change.

It's through change that we learn, we grow, we achieve .

So Come! 

Discover the magic of YOGA!

Discover the True You!



And bring a friend - help enhance their life too

Thanks for visiting and see you on the mat.
Live Life & Enjoy!



 Be Brave - Be Brilliant - Be you !

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